Our Software Solutions

  • Betting Terminals
  • Betting Casinos
  • Online Sports Betting
  • Live Betting
  • Live Dog-Racing Bets, Live Betting On The Horses
  • Accounting Software & Management Software For Lottery Pools
  • Software For Electronic Poker Tables

Betting Software

  • Due to its modular architecture, our betting software meets your daily needs with high flexibility and scalability.
  • Franchisees can easy manage their customers and shops with the assistance of a sophisticated user administration.
  • An extensive administration tool helps to manage the games, from a single bet up to a sport discipline. A proved accounting system is also included.
  • By setting lower and upper limits in different settings, also a risk management is possible.
  • Our software serves the needs of most gamers and also fits to many business models.
  • Live Bets are possible.
  • The surface of the software can be customized to your corporate design.
  • We refine and improve our software continually, based on our customers' feedback.

Our betting software is composed of 5 basic modules

  • Bet Terminal
    The betting software for terminals with touch screen
  • Bet Client
    The betting software for betting shops with a point of sale
  • Web Client
    The betting software for online gamers
  • Bet Admin
    The administration tool that leave nothing to be desired
  • Live Bets
    The software for live betting

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