The Tipware e.U. ist a young company with long-time experience.

Previous History

Roland Zemanek - the owner of Tipware - started his career with software development already in 1985.

  • 1985-1991
    Clearing systems and warehouse management software for a winery (Lagerhausgenossenschaft Ehrenhausen). Creation of an ERP System for the Styrian Warehouse-Cooperative (steirische Lagerhausgenossenschaften).
  • 1992-1994
    Area director SAP R/2 at the Styrian agriculturalist federation (Steirischen Landwirteverband). Professional retraining SAP R/3. By this time development of first software for sports betting.
  • 1994-1997
    SAP consultant for logistics in the car industry (AVL-List GmbH)
  • 1997-2000
    Self-employed SAP consultant for manufacturers in Austria, Germany and Slovenia. By this time development of the client- server application TOPwin® for an Austrian bookie.
  • 2000-2010
    Formation of the SEM Mitteregger&Zemanek Limited. Entrepreneurship, software development, distribution of the sports betting softwarem, SAP consultant till 2002.

During September 2010 parted with the SEM Litd. At the same time foundation of the Tipware e.U. and launch of the brand-new product BetClient.


The corporate history of the young Tipware e.U. (2010 - today)

  • November 2010-April 2011
    New product development of the betting software "BetClient" for bookie's and betting terminals, based on Microsofts Silverlight technology. No revised edition of the old software, but a completely new technology at state of the art.
  • April 2011-May 2011
    First software installation at a customer in April 2011. Start with the new Software in May 2011. Already after 4 month, over 200 successfully installations at contended customers.
  • May 2011
    Commercial register entry of Tipware e.U.
  • June 2011-July 2011
    Extending the BetClient with live betting functionality. Start developing administrative tool BetAdmin.
  • August 2011-today
    Further development of BetAdmin, BetAdmin rollout.